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Away Day Pie Reviews!

This page is dedicated to reviewing the delicacies on offer at various Scottish football grounds, covering the best, worst and frankly average pies we find on our travels! 

Arbroath - Steak & Gravy

Our second trip to the seaside of the season got off to a good start - with the news that there would be Steak and Gravy Pies on offer! Once I had made it to the front of the queue and arrived at the counter of the Arbroath Pie Hut I collected the bounty and dug into the pie. There was a good amount of steak and a nice pastry but unfortunately, the gravy was a bit runny which let the pie down.  


Pastry: 9/10

Steak: 6/10

Gravy: 6/10

Price: £2.50

Overall: 7/10


Today's picture was sent in by Steven Smith on Twitter of his son 6-year-old Ben Smith enjoying a Pie at his first saints game.


Dundee - Steak 

Our hunt began once we had entered the pit that Dens Park is where we found the promised land of the food kiosk, but panic set in once I saw £2 for an IRN-BRU,
this did not fill me with hope for the price of the pie.

When I tell you I was overjoyed I mean I was overjoyed when I saw that steak pies were just £2.20 - a 70p markdown on Saints' - I was chuffed. unfortunately, I made the mistake of assuming that a top-flight side would take card but as I found out that it was cash only I had a mad scramble through my wallet for change.


However, after that scary couple of minutes had passed I was finally sat with my pie and I can't lie it was a nice pie compared to the state of the 'facilities'.


Pastry - 7/10 Nice pastry but a little bit dry for my liking 
Gravy - 6/10 The gravy that I had was nice but there wasn't enough of it which might be the reason why the pastry was a bit dry
Steak - 8/10 Very nice steak but a few fatty bits let it down. 
Price - 10/10 (£2.20) What can I say apart from excellence
Overall - 8/10

dundee pie.jpg

Dunfermline - Steak Bridie

With St. Johnstone not having a game, I had to fill the pie-less hole in my existence. This forced me to search further afield to find such a delicacy as a steak and gravy pie. Our tale begins in the stomping grounds of EEP (East End Park) but alas not a pie was in sight as Dunfermline only trade in Bridies but I have to say it was a tasty bridie from Stephens the bakers. With a lovely crisp pastry and full of melt-in-your-mouth steak but unfortunately not enough gravy which caused it to be a little bit dry meaning I had to purchase an Irn bru to go alongside it and at £1.50 a pop it wasn’t a cheap day out.

Pastry - 9/10
Steak - 8/10
Gravy -6/10
Price - £2.80
Overall - 7.5/10


Arbroath - Steak & Black Pudding

This Week’s pie review sees us go back to where it all began – Gayfield Park. Once I had arrived at the seaside stadium I had my mind set on one thing – a steak and gravy pie, however, I was shocked upon the discovery that they had already run out of such a delicacy. This forced me to switch my order up and go for a rogue outsider – a steak and black pudding pie – and oh my I was not disappointed. The pastry was crisp without being hard, the steak was plentiful and the black pudding added a great variety of flavour, It was so good that I had to go back for a second. The only complaint would be that there was a little less gravy than I would like but overall the Arbroath pie hut never disappoints.


Pastry: 9/10

Steak & Black Pudding: 9/10

Gravy: 6/10

Price: £2.50

Overall: 8/10

steak and black_edited.jpg

Livingston - Steak

Today's trip started with a walk from the car park halfway around the spaghetti-had, and once we had finally made it to the away end I was in for a rude awakening. This is because earlier today I had checked the pie list on offer at the 'Tony Macaroni', and it gave me an extensive list of pies - none of which they seemed to supply to the away supporters. They also said that Steak Pies would cost £2.60, which I thought was pretty reasonable, so when I saw that such a delicacy would now set me back £3 I was caught off guard. However, I swallowed my pride (as well as later sadly, the pie) and paid the price. The pie itself was quite frankly appalling, with pastry that was incredibly dry, burnt, and greasy. Not to mention the steak and gravy (if there even was any), which was incredibly disappointing, with about as much flavour as a mouth full of sand. This is absolutely the worst away day pie I’ve had this season.


Pastry: 2/10

Steak: 4/10

Gravy 3/10

Price: £3

Overall: 3/10

livi pie.jpg

Saints Speciality- Steak and Black 

This weeks pie review is from our very own St. Johnstone once again - with the speciality Steak and Black pudding pie being the delicacy in question. I rocked up to McDiarmid Park with the pie in my sights and procured my bounty from the kiosk. The pie was an expensive one this week, setting me back a hefty £3.10, my wallet was reeling but now it was time for the pie itself. There was plenty of gravy, a decent helping of steak and a nice addition of black pudding, which was melt in your mouth, with a nice hint of pepper through it. The pastry fell apart a little too easily for my liking, resulting in a bit of a messy eating experience. Overall, a very solid effort which lived up to expectations.


Pastry: 6/10

Steak & Black Pudding: 9/10

Gravy: 8/10

Price: £3.10

Overall: 8/10

Steak and black saints.jpg

Inverness Caldedonian Thistle - Steak 

Today marks the end of our first season of Away Day Pie Reviews, with Inverness Caledonian Thistle's Steak pie. After sauntering up to the pie hut I acquired my pie. I found the pastry was a real letdown as it crumbled in my hands, however, the saving grace of the pie was definitely the steak which was plentiful, tasty, and tender - accompanied by a healthy amount of gravy. Overall, it could have done with a bit more pepper but was still a solid pie from the championship side.


Pastry: 5/10

Steak: 8/10

Gravy: 7/10

Price: £2.50

Overall: 7/10


Cowdenbeath - Scotch

Our Pie hunt started with finding the “pie hut” and after we stumbled upon the promised land I get my money out just to be told there are no steak and gravy pies. Shocked would be an understatement so I had to settle for a mince pie which quite frankly was the worst I have ever had the misfortune of eating. The scotch mince was cold and hard like a hockey puck, whilst the pastry was dry and felt like eating cardboard - it was so bad I couldn't even finish it. I also plumped for a Hot Dog with a fairly nice bun a large juicy dog but the killing blow of a £4 price tag, which makes this a red zone for any football fan.

Pastry: 2/10

Mince: 2/10

Price: £2.00

Overall: 2/10

Hot Dog: 5/10


With the image below viewer discretion is advised!

Cowdenbeath Pie.jpg

Saints Speciality  - Chicken & Chorizo

It has finally happened. A true thing of mystery a chicken and chorizo pie and oh my god! When I tell you it was worth the wait I mean it. It started off with a beautifully crispy pastry and inside it was a treasure trove of chorizo and chicken working with the béchamel sauce in perfect harmony and with a touch of true elegance with a lovely seeded top it was exactly what you needed on a wet and windy match day. 


Pastry - 10/10
Chicken - 9/10
Chorizo - 8/10
Béchamel - 7/10
Price - £3.10
Overall - 8/10


And if you don’t believe us here is the thoughts from friend of the website and chicken and chorizo aficionado Danny Williams

“I felt it had it all. A nice crispy top, the béchamel sauce was a tremendous change from the standard gravy or stock. Chicken good, chorizo good, and once it had cooled down a bit the structural integrity was up to scratch. Those little seeds on top were a lovely touch and added to the luxury of the pie. A great effort, so good I had to have two!”

Chicken And Chirizo.jpg

Hampden Park - Steak

The quest for a pie began once I made it through the turnstiles and up the stairs at Hampden Park. Once I arrived at the illustrious home of the pie - the kiosk - I found out that all there was on offer was a "Steak pie", no gravy included and instantly my expectations dropped. They fell even lower when I saw the pie itself and hit rock bottom once I'd realised the price - the most expensive we have reviewed to date!! Once I had made it back to my seat (all 10000 steps later) I took a bite into my pie, the edges were dry and the pastry was hard - with not enough gravy to solve this. However, the steak was nice and so was the little gravy that was there. 

Pastry - 4/10

Steak - 8/10

Gravy - 5/10

Price - £3.20

Overall - 6/10

hampden pie.jpg

Kelty Hearts - Steak

Today's trip started with a walk for the pie hut through grass which I can only describe as T in the park-esque. Apart from that, it wasn’t too bad at all with a decent pie on show including a very sturdy pastry with a lovely amount of steak and just enough gravy to keep it from being dry. However, with a fairly steep price of £3, meaning that it was a one and done deal and even though it wasn’t the best football pie I’ve had, nothing can be worse than the performance today - the less said about that the better.


Pastry: 6/10

Steak: 7/10

Gravy: 7/10

Price: £3

Overall: 7/10

kelty hearts pie.PNG

St. Johnstone - Hospitality Steak

Todays trip is to somewhere familiar but new at the same time, Saints Hospitality! We return into the hospitality after an electric half against Hearts 1-1 thinking “We can win this” ,and then I turn to the table and before my very eyes I see the dream of every football fan staring back at me. A pie. Although not a normal saints pie it was steak and gravy, but smaller in stature. It was absolutely bursting with flavour and oozing with delicious gravy, with a lovely flaky pastry. It was to die for.


Pastry: 10/10

Steak: 10/10

Gravy: 10/10

Price: FREE

Overall: 9.5 (loses half a mark for its small size)

Saints Hospitality Pie.jpg

Jeanfield Swifts - Steak 

Todays pie review comes from a place much closer to home than our usual away day pie reviews - Jeanfield Swifts' Riverside Stadium. Upon arriving at the stadium there was only one thing in my sights, a pie! The pastry was lovely and flakey, whilst the flling contained a perfect amount of tender steak. However, in my opinion it was a little dry due to a lack of gravy which was it’s only downfall. The pie set me back £2.50, which is a fairly bog standard price for a football pie. Overall, one of the best I have had so far!


Pastry: 9/10

Steak: 10/10

Gravy: 7/10

Price: £2.50

Overall: 8.5/10

Jeanfield Swifts Pie_edited.jpg
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