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The BEST Responses From Galatasaray Fans Following St. Johnstone Tweet

Following Galatasaray's 7-2 aggregate loss to PSV it was today confirmed that St. Johnstone's Europa League opponents would be the Turkish giants and a trip to Istanbul beckons.

Once the game had ended the St. Johnstone twitter account tweeted a graphic to poke fun at our soon-to-be opponents saying "Welcome to Tulloch" in a reference to the slogan used by Galatasaray fans - "Welcome to hell".

[St. Johnstone's tweet has gained over 3,800 likes]

This has prompted some of the funniest and most confusing twitter replies I have ever seen, with some lost in translation and ending up just utterly insane. Clearly St. Johnstone's banter hasn't come across.

[ From @kerrh_ on Twitter]

I can't even begin to think of what this one meant...

[From @craigmiddleton0 on Twitter]

I don't think that Ataberk was too chuffed with the result.

[From @BlairKaylor on Twitter]

A short but effective insult.

[From @StJohnstoneFans on Twitter]

Another family based response, quite an interesting question to ask!

[From @Sup3rS0nic1884 on Twitter]

Poor Dylan is only now finding out who his real dad is apparently according to Andreas.

[From @SaintieSteve on Twitter]

Can anyone make sense of this one?

[From @BlueHeavenSJFC on Twitter]

Some more gibberish with the added threat of coming to "fuck your mother". Interesting once again.

[From @STJFansVoice on Twitter]

I don't even know where to begin with this one..

Well that's some of the best ones that we could find although I'm sure there are some other top tier responses among the Twitter storm created by the St. Johnstone account. I'd like to say thank you to everyone here who contributed to this with any of the tweets that they found, there were way too many for one man to wade through alone. Cheers!

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